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2020-07-27_Afterclap - Køge - Danmark_70



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Afterclap is a Danish artist producing electronic dance music. He got very inspired by the sound of Afterlife, AFT:HRS and many others. -So that’s how the nick Afterclap came along.

He’s debut single "Falsifier" has been supported by MORTEN on Future Fridays with MORTEN on Tomorrowland ́s radio: One World Radio. Also big support by Vidundergrunden by DR P3 (Danish National Radio), The Voice In The Mix with Faustix, Radio Skala, PartyFM, 4GAARD, Vizzo Music (IT), DavidEgebjerg, Thoby.


Afterclap_Falsifier_3000x3000 (1).jpg

Falsifier is the first debut single by Afterclap. A melodic and deep electronic dance track with a powerful feeling. Music video made by Philip Flindt. 

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